Balancing Work and Family

Balancing work and family can be a real challenge for many adults. For me softball has always been my “job” and balancing that along with schoolwork, family and a social life in college really taught me a lot about time management. There is always a certain time and place for certain things and it is up to you to figure out what is most important. I’ve always been told my eyes are bigger then my stomach and I take a bigger bite then I can chew but somehow I always make it work. After my undergrad I was nervous about not being able to find work. I went from having no job after college to having three by the time summer was over while also continuing my education. My friends think I am crazy and at times I think it too. Starting my day at 6 am, be at work by 7, coming home to change my clothes for job number 2 and not getting home until 9:20 while coaching on the weekends and taking a class leaves little time for relaxation, so I try to spend my little time off with my family. Family is very important to me because friends may come and go but your family will always be your family no matter what. My sister will be leaving for college next year so I always try to set aside time with her since we are very close. Plus any family functions like pumpkin picking, apple picking , and birthdays I always try to attend or least make an appearance at because it is something that I enjoy and like being a part of . In the end I feel if you really try to balance work and family no matter how tight your schedule is, they will appreciate the effort you are making to be with them.

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  1. sstevens says:

    Your family will appriciate all of your efforts. Keep striving

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